first time home buyer

The Perks of Being a First Time Home Buyer


Buying your first home can be an intimidating experience. There are numerous things to take into consideration, from finding the right house to financing. But, being a first time home buyer does come with some advantages.


First Time Home Buyer Programs


First time home buyers often have access to special loan programs that can assist them in getting into a home more quickly and less expensively than those who have purchased homes previously. These programs offer first time buyers benefits such as down payment assistance, discounted interest rates, and a limit to the fees that a lender may charge them. Meet with a mortgage consultant to discuss OHFA’s My Choice, Ohio Hero’s, or Grants for Grads. One of these programs might be the perfect option for you if you’re a first time home buyer in Ohio.

These programs are generally available only to people who are going to live in the home they purchase as their primary residence. The home will also have to be in good condition with no safety hazards present. And due to the fact that these programs are designed for those in need, there is a limit on the value of the homes you can purchase through these programs.

First time home buyers can take advantage of numerous programs to assist them in owning their first home. First time home ownership has become much more affordable. There is no time like the present to make your dream of owning your own home a reality.

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