Minimum Documents Required

  • Copy of your Driver’s License or State ID.
  • Most recent 2 Years (3 Years for OHFA) of W-2’s & Federal Income Tax Returns (1040’s) with all schedules.
  • 30 Days of Most Recent, Consecutive Pay Stubs.
  • 2 Months of Most Recent, Consecutive Asset Statements (Checking, Savings, Retirement) with all pages of each Statement.
  • Name & Number of Landlord(s) for previous 12 months.

As Applicable

If you are a Veteran & applying for a VA Loan:

  • Copy of DD214 – Military Discharge

If you receive Social Security or Retirement Income:

  • Most Recent Awards Letter.
  • Months of Complete Bank Statements, showing direct deposit of benefit.

If you are Self-Employed:

  • Most recent 2 Years of 1099’s &/or Corporate Tax Returns.
  • Year-To-Date Profit & Loss Statement, signed & dated.

If you’ve had a Prior Bankruptcy:

  • Complete copy of Bankruptcy Papers & Discharge.
  • Letter explaining the circumstances leading to the need to file for bankruptcy, signed & dated.

If you are using Child Support to qualify:

  • Child Support Order.
  • Proof of Ages of Children for which child support is received (Birth Certificate).
  • Print out from Child Support Enforcement Agency, showing child support paid as agreed for the previous 6 months.

If you have any questions regarding this documentation, please contact Shane Burris at (614) 820-2300.

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