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Most mortgage loan problems can be avoided before closing. Following these simple tips will allow your loan to proceed as smoothly as possible.


Please Send Documentation in a timely fashion.

We anticipate the initial requested documents will be sent within 48 hours and additional requests may take 24-48 hours for your response. If you need extra time, communicating this is important. Our loan document checklist can be found here.


Be mindful of Large Deposits.

All large non-payroll deposits must be documented. Depending on the type, this process could be lengthy and require re-underwriting. If possible, please put off large deposits until after your transaction is complete.


Steer clear of credit increases or inquiries.

We do a soft credit pull before funding to see if there are new inquiries or an increase in credit balances. We advise avoiding significant increases to credit balances or opening new debt during your purchase.

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